Cristiano Ronaldo To Be Fined For Inflammatory El Clasico Actions

Three time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo is known worldwide by football lovers and his fans as a footballer who has flashy footwork and is very competitive. That said, his competitiveness has in the past brought about a number of incidents and come on Sunday during his teams clash with rival Barcelona, his competitiveness once again landed him in trouble.

Ronaldo, who plays for Spanish football team Real Madrid, has a reputation of being a bad boy who is very arrogant for a very long time now, this is despite the fact that he has attempted to distance himself from such traits. Despite his word he has, in several occasion, put himself in very controversial situations mostly on the field due to his confrontational nature.

Because of that nature Ronaldo might end up paying a huge sum of money as fine for his recent behavior during Sunday’s El Clasico. During the match, Ronaldo made an inflammatory action which is very questionable and the Spanish League is not taking it lightly given the fact the fact that riots by fans are known to be initiated by such gestures. In addition to that the occasion in which he chose to use the gesture wasn’t that favorable given the fact that there is always some tension when Barcelona F.C and Real Madrid F.C. meet.

While addressing the events that took place on Sunday the President of the Spanish League, Javier Tebas said that, “We have to be careful with provocative gestures by a player or conduct that could incite violence among spectators. It must be sanctioned, from a fine up to a suspension. We will look into it.”