Depression in NFL FOOTBALL- Cutting Edge NEWS

He had played the New Orleans Saints and his income was diminished after he left the game. Not only that but he was injured and addicted to painkillers. He went through money like a mad man and his most valuable material items left was his massive array of shoes that he collected

It is easy to see why athletes get depressed after they retire. In their heads plays the roar of the crowd and they think about the great sum of money. Many football players have nothing to fall back on except what they collected as football players.

A man who goes by Williams was another football player. He was overwhelmed with depression. He missed all the attention and money. Furthermore, he did not know how to pursue a career now that he had lost a long-term deal that provided for his family and made him happy.

Williams says he just wanted to end it all. The experience that William had is, “Very common,” says ESPN. One problem told is that many football players do not prepare themselves with the thought, “What happens when I am done with this sport.” Rather, they are living in the moment.

Hopefully, with this current presentation of news, coaches and athletes alike will talk to their families or loved ones about the “Afterwards”. Talking about it is the only way to subdue and bring relief to these players who are in distress at the end of their career. It may make people wonder if this applies to other athletes.