Foxborough Country Club Staff Support Tom Brady

For winning quarterback, New England Patriots Tom Brady has not had the privileges of celebrating the Super Bowl win in peace just like any other quarterback in the NFL. Throughout the offseason, Brady has been forced to deal with the question that is deflated balls. That said, there have been lots of people who have come forward and shown their support for Brady as he goes through this had times. Among those who are showing support for Brady include the staff at what many Foxborough Country Club. 

In support of Tom Brady, the staff at the Foxborough Country Club changed all the flags on its course to number 12. For those who are still wondering, the number 12 represents the number of times that Brady has won with the New England Patriots since 2000.

Last season, that is the 2014-2015 season, Tom Brady helped his team, the New England Patriots, win the Super Bowl and rather than celebrating the glorious occasion Brady had to deal with the reality of missing out on his teams first few games of the new season after being suspended Four games for his alleged role in the Deflategate scandal. This week the NFL player has taken the issue with the NFL to the court by making an appeal hoping that his ban will be removed.  

While addressing the media after their brave action, Matt Killilea, the club manager at Foxborough Country Club, stated that they believe there is a miscarriage of justice going on. 

“We believe Brady is being fairly mistreated, the penalty for what he is being accused off is way too much and we juts wanted to show our support to our beloved home team,” Killilea said.