Jeremy Lin Finds Himself In The Skies With A Basketball Despite The Antagonistic Racist Comments

Jeremy  Lin  was a genius at basketball from his high school and even at college. He found himself with the New York Kicks in the 2011-12 season. He found success here propelling the team to a series of victories in February 2012. Besides being an ace player, Lin also did well at the academic front. But all could not end in a basketball scholarship when he got to college.

He became a strong player with the official team when he  went to Harvard University. He had already completed four years while in the university, when he realized he had been a player  in as may as 115 games. He had helped win quite a few. He clocked an average of 12.9 points per game. Lin had to face several racist comments from all parties including his competitors on the court as well as the spectators. But he did not let any of this deter him.

His initial success in February 2012 did help him push himself in to the game, but he had to be content with being a benchwarmer in many games. He proved his mettle when he blasted 25 points in a game pitted against the New Jersey Nets. His performance in the game helped his team to victory. Quite soon, Lin emerged out of ignominy to be winning games for the team. He became an icon in the game. His jersey with No. 17 on it soon became symbolic of his success.

Lin's prowess with the basketball gathered huge fame around him. He even got an offer of$25.1 million from Houston Rockets in 2012. The craze that grew around him was called 'Linsanity'. He had set an example for his peers across the globe.