Michael Phelps

The swimming champion from United States of America, Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian with an amazing total of twenty-two medals was born on June 30, 1985 to Deborah Sue and Michael Fred Phelps and raised in Rodgers Forge, which is in neighborhood of Towson, Maryland and youngest and most famous child of the three. Michael began swimming at the tender age of seven partly because of the influence exerted by his sisters as well as a way to expend his extra energy. He was diagnosed with attention-deficit-hyperactivity- disorder (ADHD). In some way, this deficiency pushed him towards taking swimming as a career. At the age of 10, he had already become a record holder. He started his formal training under Bob Bowman at North Baltimore Aquatic Club. His rapid improvement in his performance won him a seat in 2000 summer Olympics at the young age of 15 and became youngest male to forma US swim team in period of 68 years, he did not win medal right away but he finished fifth which was enough to catch everyone’s eye. In 2002 Pan Pacific championship, he took home gold medals in 200m medley, 400m medley, 4*100m medley and two silvers in 200m butterfly and 4*200m freestyle which brought him into headlines. In 2004 Summer Olympics, he took home six gold medals and two bronze, thus winning prize in each event he participated. In 2005 World Aquatics Championship, he took home 5 gold medals and one silver. The most commendable feat was winning gold in each of the six events he participated in 2008 Summer Olympics. Thus making him one of the greatest athletes of all times.