Muhammad Ali Bio

Muhammad Ali (born January 17, 1942) is probably one of the most known and successful former heavyweight boxer. He is known for unique skills in the ring and outside it like, religious freedom and racial justice. In 1964, he won his first heavyweight title, and he successfully defended that title many times.

Soon after he won his first title, problems started. He officially accepted Islam, under the influence of the cult ‘’Nation of Islam’’. During this period he got the name Cassius X. This cult was founded by Valas D. Fard in 1931, and its purpose was fighting for Afro-American’s rights. Soon after entering this cult, the leader gave Ali right to use his own name. At the same time, he refused to go into the army and in the Vietnam War. So he was accused and sent to prison. Also, US government took his title and forbid him to take part in boxing related events. Today, many people ask their self, what would happen if he hadn’t had those problems.

In 1971, the US government allowed him to continue boxing. His first fight was against Joe Frazier, fight of the century. But he lost this fight and had to wait until 1974 when he fought again and won. After Joe Frazier, he fought against George Foreman, and won the title for the second time.

Interesting fact is that Ali’s fight against Chuck Wepner motivated Sylvester Stallone to write scripts for the movie Rocky. The irony was that Chuck Wepner was the inspiration for this movie.
Soon after retirement, Ali started suffering Parkinson’s disease, which damaged his nervous system. It is believed that the reason for this disease is boxing and many hits in the head.