Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown, Ready To Join The Team

Antonio Brown, Steelers wide receiver, is currently not working with his fellow teammates at the offseason program and report which had been set up by the team on Monday as he is yet to sign a new deal with the Steelers.

That same reason might be the reason as to why Brown will not be taking part in the team’s voluntary workouts in the opening week. Brown, who had an outstanding season for the Steelers last year, sent out a tweet on Tuesday via his Twitter account saying that, “I’ll be there”.  He was also active on Wednesday sending tweets explaining that he was currently spending quality time with his newborn child. That said, it’s good to note that Brown did not mention anything about his contract with the Steelers in all his tweets this week.

“Just enjoying my new born Ali, cannot wait to get back with my teammates! I am dad first and working to be best player I can be,” the wide receiver wrote.

The coming months will determine how far Brown will go when it comes to his quest of getting a new deal with the Steelers after he signed a lucrative six-year extension contract with the Steelers back in 2012. Brown will without a doubt be faced with a hard task in getting a new contract given that Steelers have a policy which does not allow them to negotiate a new deal with non-quarterbacks who have more than a year left on their contracts.