Tiger Woods Shines In The Sky Of Golf Since He Began As A Professional In 1996

Eldrick Tont 'Tiger' Woods found himself in the professional arena as a golfer at the age of 20 after taking up the game as an amateur in college. This was in the summer of 1996. He begun breaking and creating records within a year of assuming the mantle as a professional. He even got to be the numero uno in the world rankings within a year in 1997.

Hi stint with some extramarital relations brought him some embarrassment which culminated in losses on the professional front. By November 2011, he found his ranking to have plummeted to number 58. But he shot to the horizon soon after in March 2013 when he occupied the first position once again.

Woods maintained his top  position for a long time, but he could not help his fall owing to a back disc surgery in April 2014. He had slid down to number 104 by March 2015. But he has broken several records, like he has maintained the number one position in the world for the most number of weeks than any other golfer. He has bagged the PGA Player of the Year a record number of times, when he claimed it 11 times. When it comes to winning golf championships, he is surpassed only by one other player when he quotes his winning it 14 times.

Woods is an ardent Buddhist. He attributes his stint with infidelity to his losing touch with Buddha. In 1999, Woods went through a laser eye surgery to rectify his poor vision. He had to visit the optometric surgeon again in 2007 for the same reason.