3 Steps to Develop a Killer Dipping Free Kick

Are you constantly awestruck by the magical swerve and dip to the free-kicks of players like Bale and Ronaldo? Are you eager to make those virtually unstoppable shots part of your arsenal in college soccer? Follow these three simple steps on how to make your free kicks dip and swerve like the pros. 

Ball placement and strike zone
Place the ball with the valve facing toward you and lined up at the center of the ball. You have to strike the ball at its center right around where the valve is. This augments the tendency of the ball to swerve and dip after impact. 

The shape and position of your body
When you approach to strike the ball, place your supporting foot very close to the ball, and lean over it as you strike it. Strike the dead center of the ball, with your instep or the laces of your shoes. Different players use either method, whichever best suits them. Step up cleanly, transferring your weight smoothly to the other foot as you strike. The fluidity of this motion is important to strike the ball cleanly, without spin.

Follow through
This is the most crucial aspect of the technique, and the hardest to master. You have to limit your follow through to keep the ball still in flight, making it dip and swerve against the air it pushes through. Extending your follow through will generate spin or wobble in the ball's flight and thus will be no different from a normal free kick.  

Follow these 3 simple steps and you may well master a very deadly shot that befuddles keepers and stuns the opposition.