Andy Burnham England Should Boycott The 2018 World Cup

Andy Burnham, a top political figure in Britain, has called for the England national football team to boycott the planned 2018 world cup that is to be staged in Russia. According to Burnham, this will be an effective way of demonstrating against the corruption that is currently in FIFA as well as the military aggression that is currently being seen in Russia.

His remarks come amid the arrest of high FIFA officials including its Vice Presidents, Eugenio Figueredo and Jeffrey Webb, for corruption allegations. In addition to the corruption allegations, the England Football Association, popularly known worldwide as the FA, has in the last few days been under pressure so as to do more than just condemn FIFA when it comes to issues with corruption as well as how the organizations is managed.

While speaking on Pienaar’s Politics, a political show in BBC, Burnham stated that;

“I’ve long had my doubts about Russia holding the next World Cup ... Now with all of this, I believe there is a pretty overwhelming case for England taking a stand and saying we should not participate in the next World Cup given the current appalling state of Fifa.”

Burnham is not alone as other political leaders in Britain are calling for the FA to actually do something and not just “idly stand by” as Chris Bryant, a Labour MP and a Shadow culture secretary, puts it.

According to Bryant, it is important for the English Football Association as well as British Broadcasters and British Sponsors to come together and strongly condemn what is actually going on in FIFA by establishing a “common position” and ensure that they give “serious recommendation” to not taking part in any FIFA organized completion in future.