Career changing injuries for sportsman


RB Jonathan Franklin has got a bright future from the time he returned as a fourth round pick by the Packer in 2013. In that match he ran for 103 yards and 13 carries. Everything for him changed when he played the match between Packers and Vikings on Nov 24, 2013. When he fielded the ball at goal line and ran for a touchdown to be met by Minnesota’s Jamarca Sanford. It took more than a minute for the players to clear up. He was suffering from neck concussion is the news at that time but he has not undergone any surgeries yet.

TE Jermichael Finley was a person to have two records at the time of his best play. He is the only player to top 600 yards of running in three consecutive seasons. And he got a record of most catches of 61 in single season. This has made him one of the important players in the team to play middle order. The 2013 season has been the season that shaped his career with his superb catch. It took place on October 20, 2013 between Browns. This came to an end with a spinal cord contusion when he was hit round the neck; he was knocked on the field for five minutes before he was carted off.

Nick Collins was in six NFL seasons, he’s been in three time Pro Bowl selection, and three time all pro and super Bowl winners. At the age of 28 Collins seemed to have a great future in his career until September 18, 2011 against Panthers. When Jonathan Stewart attempted a leap over Collins he landed on his neck which seems to be normal. However Collins was carted out of the match after this incident.