Russian Football Union President Steps Down After Vote

Nikolai Tolstykh, the president of Russia’s Football Union has been voted out as the country’s Football Union Boss this follows growing tension in the country especially with officials about how football as a game is conducted in the country, which is set to host the world cup come 2018.

In his three years tenure as Russia’s head of the Football Union, Tolstykh has forced to deal with a number of issues that put his character to test. During his time, there was a crackdown on racism among the fans, which saw top and big clubs in Russia facing huge punishment. In addition to that he has also been forced to deal with financial issues throughout his tenure as the president of the Russian Football Union.

Candidates who are lined up to replace up to replace him as the President of Russia’s Football Union include Vitaly Mutko, who in addition to having a great record when it comes to football has a backing of a lot of people whose votes actually matter.  

While addressing reports that he might be the possible candidate to take up Tolstykh’s job, Mutko, who was in-charge of the Russian Football Union from 2005 to 2009, stated that the possibility of him being in charge of the RFU is not the fat-fetched stating that, “We’ll think. We’ll see.”

Tolstykh on the other hand has been out to set the record straight regarding the trouble the RFU faced especially when it comes to financial operations stating that the issues, which are currently facing the RFU financial wise, stemmed long before he took up office.

“There are problems and we don’t hide them,” he said. “Today in the RFU we don’t have that irresponsible attitude to spending.”