UCI Boss Authorities Turned a Blind Eye To Doping in Cycling

On Monday the President of the International Cycling Union (ICU) accused the organization for turning a blind eye when it comes to doping in cycling in the past and in addition that the organization has let the doping issue become a norm in cycling.

Brian Cookson, the President of the International, stated that the organization also knew about Lance Armstrong’s drug test back in 1999 at the tour de France which came out positive adding that the organization helped Armstrong hide the whole incident.

"The UCI was always going to prioritize the image of the sport and the business of the sport over the integrity and the honesty of the sport, and that was a very bad signal that was given out at that time," he said.

Cookson was speaking during an event that saw a report by released by the Independent Reform Commission which was established in 2014.The event in itself was held in the organization’s head office in Nairobi.

The basis of the report which was released was to look into the Armstrong saga as well as the Festina Affair.
According to the report, the management of UCI colluded with Louis Armstrong so as to protect him during his career.
"After the Festina affair in 1998, the 1999 Tour which was supposed to be the tour of renewal. In that tour, Lance Armstrong had a positive test for cortisone, which was covered up by the UCI," Cookson said.

He added that doping in cycling was far from eradicated but an environment now existed "where riders can now at least be competitive when riding clean".