David Quessenberry returns to play after battling cancer

David Quessenberry fought cancer for three years and played again in August last year. It’s especially impressive considering the man hadn't played one game all those years and suited up to play again.


David fought Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that was diagnosed in June 2014. He underwent extensive chemotherapy treatments and the final one was in April 2017. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center helped David with all the treatments. In the process, he lost 70 pounds. By the time the treatment ended, David had regained his weight and strength. During all those treatments, all he dreamed of was to return to play football.



Playing for the Houston Texans has been a blessing and he appreciates his opportunity to play for them again. The moment was as emotional as you can imagine it would be. Although he played only after the second quarter, the Texans lost the game.


After the game, David was very emotional about the game. His family was there to support him, and he said that after battling cancer for so long, this game was something special for him.


“That’s amazing for what he’s overcome, cancer. Right there alone, just for him to even be able to be normal in life and not just come out on the football field but just be a normal person, a lot of people don’t come back from that, especially what he had and how bad it was,” DeAndre Hopkins said last week.


“You think about what he’s come back from. We’ve been here the whole time. I can remember every step of the way,” Coach Bill O’Brien said.