UFC star T. J. Dillashaw's accusations of bias

What a start to the year 2016! Here was a fantastic fight that ended up having a muddled decision that was controversial and yes, the talk of the town. The judges gave the win to Dominick Cruz against T.J. Dillashaw.  It was a close call indeed; both fought hard but the nod went to the champion who has never lost a match before.

This achievement on the part of Cruz cannot be denied. Yes, he worked hard to earn it, but Dillashaw’s accusations blame the judges for making the wrong decision.

After Dillashaw had a chance to watch the recorded match again, he has accused the judge, Joe Rogan for being heavily biased in his commentary. It seemed Rogan was only pointing out Dillashaw’s misses, saying things like  ‘Dillashaw has been hitting blows in the air all night’, while there were equal, if not more, misses by Cruz, which were totally ignored by the commentator. Dillashaw believes that it was because of such bias in the commentary that there was a split decision in the first place.

Dillashaw has publicly taken responsibility for his recent Instagram post. He graciously complimented Cruz for his win but believes that Cruz may have been chosen the winner even before the fight started.

This fight was a good fight that ended with no clear or obvious winner. In the end, it was a split decision.