Florence Griffith Joyner

One of the foremost female sprinters, Florence Griffith Joyner has won many laurels for USA. This great lady for born on December 21, 1959 and breathed her last on September 21 1998. She was popularly known as Flo-Jo and was an American track and field athlete. She was also considered the fastest woman of all times which was based on the fact that the records set by her in 100m and 200m races are still unbroken. She attended the famous University of California, LA known as UCLA. She was born in the sin city, Los Angeles and was raised in the Jordan Downs public housing complex. She graduated with honors in Psychology from UCLA. She finished at the fourth place in the 200m sprint at the first World Championship in Athletics in 1983. But her unusually long nails got more attention than the silver meal she achieved in 1984 Summer Olympics. In 1985, she won gold in 100m IAAF Grand Prix Final in the record time of 11 seconds. Later on she married the triple jumper and her coach, Al Joyner in 1987. By now, she had got the nick name of Flo-Jo and won titles in the sprint events of 1988 Summer Olympics. Flo-Jo retired from the games in 1998 after her victory in 1988 Summer Olympics. She was tested many times but every time she proved every allegation leveled at her. On September 21, 1998, she died in her sleep at a very young age of 38.