Radford University baseball team wins 11th straight!!!

Last Friday was a glorious day for the Radford university baseball team as they recorded their 11th straight win this season. Brad Keen of Radford University had two RBI triple that assisted a lot to beat Winthrop. With this win against Winthrop, Radford University baseball team got the 11th consecutive victory. It's certainly very much impressive. The highlanders had pushed their limit to the end of the full amount of their ability to beat the opponent. This has led them to the way of such straight victory. They have dedicated their epic straight wins to their beloved fans. They believed that they got their consecutive straight wins through the ultimate support of their fans. They also believe that the support and the love from their fans gave them strength. Ultimately, they played a kind of perfect game in the field. That's why they have dedicated it to their fans. They want to keep such performance up.

After such 11th straight wins, it is quite natural that they are at the top of the table. Currently, they are leading the point table exclusively. Highlanders scored 22-11 and 9-1 at the bottom of the fourth. With this they got the 3-2 lead. Aside of that, it was also noticeable that Hunter Higgerson had scored a double RBI just after scoring his two RBI triple. Also, Radford's others individuals were also in form. Josh Gardiner had hit four big hits for the Radford University baseball team. During the match, Ryan Meisinger and Michael Boyle hit eight big shots together. Those big shots resulted in the 22-13, 3-7 victory against Winthrop. Only great things can be expected from the team if they maintain the great form they had.