Serena Williams

Serena Williams or Serene Jameka Williams is a professional American tennis player who is presently serving as the top first tennis player in the women’s single game of tennis. The association of Women’s Tennis has topped the World number 1 in the singles on six alternative occasions. She topped the list in the year of July 8 of 2002, and retrieving the position back to the sixth instance, in the year in February 18 of 2013, getting the no 1 position in the chart of WTA’s history. She is the only feminine player to achieve over $50 million as prize money and is currently dominating the US Open along with WTA Tour Championships. Even she is dominating the chart in the Olympic women singles champion trophy for females.
Williams maintains the most winning in singles, doubles as well as mixed doubles titles between the active players, from both male as well as female. 32 Major titles of record that he pursues puts her into the category of seventh in the all-time list i.e. 17 wins in singles, 13 wins in women’s double as well as 2 wins in mixed doubles. She is the latest player either male or female, to maintain all four titles of Grand Slam simultaneously i.e. ‘02-’03, and the fifth only woman to hold the record. She is also the latest player along with Venus her sister to maintain four titles of Grand Slam female’s doubles simultaneously i.e. ’09-’10. She has also won around 13 titles of the Grand Slam in a doubles group with again her sister named Venus Williams and the couple is still remain unbeaten.