Rio bid investigated for athletic corruption

Governing bodies for international sports competition have seen better days. FIFA recently lost a significant amount of their reputation following a corruption investigation that led to the removal of many top executives. A similar movement has been occurring in relation to the Olympics, including the IAAF and IOC.


Prosecuting attorneys are now investigating the bidding processes which brought the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo for upcoming years. The implication is that bribes may have been involved with these winning bids. For its part, Rio de Janeiro denies this is the case. A spokesman said, “Rio won the Games because it had the best project, both from the point of view of the organization of Games and the legacy. Rio beat Madrid by a clear margin of 66-32 [votes], which exclude any possibility of a manipulated election.” There are other incidents where bribes may have been involved showing this type of scandal requires a full investigation, and is not isolated to a one-time issue.


Another issue of corruption is the allegations that former IAAF Chair, Lamine Diack took bribes in return for ignoring positive drug tests from the Russian teams. Diack resigned from the federation following these allegations, but the damage had been done. Hopefully, in the coming months, the proper authorities will be able to determine those who were guilty of corruption. As a result, new leaders can be put into these power positions ensuring a fair process moving forward for determining venues for international games.