Curling opens competition at Winter Olympics

The first competitions in the 2018 Winter Olympics have got underway with  mixed doubles curling  making its debut.

The so-called "family feud" was the main event. In the end the Amercan brother-sister team of Matt and Becca Hamilton beat the Russian married couple Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander Krushelnitskiy.  

With the games formally opening on Friday, all eyes are on the North Korean delegation which includes a 229-member cheer squad. Along with their South Korean counterparts, they'll march under a unified flag and field a joint womens' ice hockey team.

South Korean authorities have coined the term "games of peace" for the extraordinary rapproachment between the North and South.

But US and Pyongyang officials say they have no intention of meeting to ease tensions over the north's nuclear weapons programme; even though they're expected to sit metres away from each other during Friday's opening ceremony.