Rio’s Athlete’s Village Unveiled

The local organisers of the forthcoming Rio de Janeiro Olympics recently made a revelation as to where the 11,000 athletes and around 6,000 coaches and team members will reside during the course of the Rio Olympics, which will be held on August 5 to 21, 2016.

The local organizers, led by Mario Andrada who serves as the committee spokesman, stated that the athletes’ village is comprised of 31 towers. It is already regarded as the biggest village to house the athletes for the Olympics.

He also added that the village features a huge gym and a cafeteria. It also has a post office, bank and of course, first-aid center. Some of the industry's best private developers were responsible in these world-class towers, which are already available for the public but can only be occupied after the big event.

The cost of the athletes' village construction was not revealed, as well as the asking price for every unit. But Andrada has pointed out that the sales are not turning out the way everybody expected because of the recession that Brazil is going through at the moment.

The local organizers pointed out that it is not mandatory for the athletes to stay in the village. They are free to look for accommodations outside the complex but they made it clear that the athlete's village will be guarded by about 85,000 police and soldiers, making it the most secured venue to opt for. It was also mentioned that apart from police and soldier security, the complex will be surrounded by a double fence and every individual who will step in and out of the facility will be subject to security screening.