Chris Coyle switches to rugby

There are some reports claiming that Chris Coyle will go to Canberra very soon, probably in the next few weeks, and there he will train and live with the Brumbies, which is an Australian professional Rugby union football team.

We must say they are very successful rugby franchise and are located 90 miles south of Sydney.

Coyle stated that leaving NFL isn't something permanent for him, but for now he sees rugby as one of his opportunities, and he is very impatient to go to Australia, live and train there for a while, and simply see how it goes.

Chris is a promising athlete and was rated among the top 20 tight end prospects back in the United States since he graduated from Oaks Christian High School in California.

He was a two-time All-Pac-12, including his first team and was also named the nation's Tight End of the Week at the College Football Performance Awards, back in 2012.

He had a bad luck last year since he sustained a shoulder injury. Unfortunately, Coyle was cut by the NFL, before their first pre-season game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Such a shame for this talented, young man, and he was also very disappointed because something like that happened because he was really looking forward to coming back to Arizona.

It is really hard to keep up, after you get an injury, especially since NFL moves really fast, but Chris doesn't hold any grudges against them, because he knows it obviously wasn't meant to be.

We are definitely sure that he will have a great time and successful career in Australia now.