Looking at the piles of snow outside which I must say are just ridiculous makes as wish that we could be transported in a blink of an eye to a lush green golf course which overlooks a beautiful ocean.
As hard as it may sound, you can actually be able to achieve that.

This is possible thanks to Florida’s First Coast of Golf, which is basically is a string of abutting communities which are as close as a quick nonstop flight that is heading to Jacksonville. Whether you are in the mood for some lushing or some historic green which is funky and at the same time extra affordable you can find it in Florida. From the steeped-in-history vibe that comes with St Augustine to the woodsy ocean side community of Amelina Island, to the championship feel which is evident at Ponte Verda area and the beaches as well as the courses of Jacksonville proper, it’s a wealth of fun towns, warm and beautiful golf courses, warm weather and yes great food are all along the First Coast of Golf on Florida’s east coast.

From golf courses which are 13 miles long and two miles wide, to 18-hole courses, or even a par-72 golf course which has been designed by Pete Dye this Lush woody Amelia Island is packed with a number of golfing courses where you can play. On the Island there are 117 golfing holes, including seven ocean front holes. In addition to all this the Amelia Island lushes with live oaks which drip in Spanish moss