Paragliding for the beginners

Whenever you start something new it is completely normal that you are not sure how to do some things in the beginning. The same goes for paragliding. But don’t worry, it is not as hard as it maybe looks, and it will be easy for you to remember every tip you get.

Paragliding is very dynamic and fun sport and you will have great time doing it, and as long as you keep few things in mind you will be safe and everything will turn out ok.

In every sport is important to have a good instructor. So the same goes for paragliding. First you need to check if your instructor is USHGA Certified Basic or Advanced Paragliding Instructor.
Because if he/she is that means that they know what they are doing, because every instructor goes through rigorous training.

Wind is one of the most important factors when it comes to paragliding, and you as a beginner have to understand that. Wind can give you the best feeling in the world while you are paragliding, and on the contrary if you are the beginner and wind gets heavy it can be very dangerous, so you need to think about it before doing anything.

Also choosing a place with no obstacles is very important, because with foot launching it is extremely important to avoid anything that you may run into, cause you might get hurt.
These are maybe the most important tips when it comes to paragliding, and we are sure that if you choose a good instructor you will have no problem doing this sport.