Radosav Petrovic in Dynamo

Serbian professional football player Radosav Petrovic is extremely happy because of his transfer to Dynamo, Ukraine.
What is definitely something that motivates him is the fact that he will be able to contribute to his new team and sees himself as reinforcement.

Radosav signed a five-year contract on Friday because he thinks that Dynamo from Ukraine is definitely a perfect club for him and he is thrilled because they offered him great conditions. 
“ I am so happy that I joined this club, because it is a club with big tradition and great ambition and perfect for anyone who is as young and as talented as I am. We have the same desires and ambitions, and I think that in time we will grow as a team. I will definitely make a big contribution to this team. “ – said Petrovic.

Radosav is not the first soccer player from Serbia who joined this team, and what is great about it is that Radosav got some amazing advice from other Serbian players.
“ I know a lot about Dynamo, because I had played with some former football players such as Milos Ninkovic and Goran Gavrancic. They told me so many great things about this club that I already know that I’ve made a good decision. “ – said Radosav

Allegedly he signed a contract for three million dollars, but no one knows for sure if that is the exact amount.