Springfield still very positive about outdoor sports

Even though this summer definitely isn’t one of the best and gave a lot of storms and rain, people are still positive when it comes to outdoor sports.
This lousy summer didn’t give kids in Springfield many sunny and good days, but that doesn’t mean that outdoors sports won’t continue to be “active” during the summer.
These rainy days have kept ground crews very busy because had to do anything they can to keep the fields in good condition for the children.
Some families do not have any desire to do any kind of sports during any time of the year, but you always have those who cannot wait for the summer so they could spend some time at the ball field.

One of those good moms is definitely Mitzi Campbell who likes to indulge her children as much as she can, so she drives from Norwood to Springfield because her kids want to play out there.

Mitzi says that it is sometimes really complicated and hard to go all the way, because it is not a short distance to drive from one town to another.
And you can only imagine how hard it is for her to drive when she has weather “conditions” like storm and rain.

She said that it is often very hard for someone to plan anything or to at least try to plan something, especially if you have three or four children.
Unfortunately in the past couple of years there have been a lot of rescheduled games due to bad weather conditions in Springfield.
This year the situation is not the best, but much better compared to previous years.