In this day and age that we are living in we have been blessed to have witnessed some of the best rowers at the top of their game and I must admit the process of selecting the top three rowers of all time was without a doubt a hard task in-fact I would have issues if I was to pick the best 50 rowers of all time. That said let’s get back to what is the main topic of the article and that is the top 3 best rowers in the world. In my list I have featured three rowers from three different countries and they are all below the age of 40. So without any more delays here is my list of the top 3 best rowers in the world.

1. Andre Vonarburg
Originating from Switzerland, Andre Vonarburg has been causing waves in the rowing world from the minute that he decided to take rowing as a career sport. As a rower Andre Vonarburg has managed to win four times in the Olympics throughout his career as a professional rower.

2. David Banks
This professional rower, who calls the United States his home, was among the American rowers who qualified for the final in Lucerne. David Banks has also gained reputation in the sport as a ladies’ man given his physic, in fact ladies tend to go wild every time he takes off his shirt.

3. Ondrej Synek
This professional rower who comes from the Czech Republic has managed to achieve what is believed to be one of the hardest task in rowing and that is wining the silver medal twice in the men’s single at the Olympics.

There you have it, the top 3 best rowers in the world.